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alsa-base: ALSA driver configuration files

Distribution Debian experimental
Abteilung sound
Quelle alsa-driver
Version 1.0.18.dfsg+1.0.18a-1
Maintainer Debian ALSA Maintainers <>
Beschreibung This package contains various configuration files for
the ALSA drivers.
For ALSA to work on a system with a given sound card,
there must be an ALSA driver for that card in the kernel.
Linux 2.6 as shipped in linux-image packages contains
ALSA drivers for all supported sound cards in the form
of loadable modules. A custom alsa-modules package can
be built from the sources in the alsa-source package
using the m-a utility (included in the module-assistant
package). Please read the README.Debian file for more
information about loading and building modules.
ALSA is the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture.
Abhängig vonlinux-sound-base, lsof (>= 4.64), module-init-tools (>= 3.2.1)
Vorgeschlagenalsa-oss, apmd (>= 3.0.2-1), oss-compat
Kollidiert mitalsa-utils (< < 1.0.9a-4), discover (< < 2.0.7-1), discover1 (< < 1.7.3), lsof-2.2 (< < 4.64), modutils (= 2.3.20-1)
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