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Suchergebnisse für jfsutils

jfsutils | utilities for managing the JFS filesystem | Mehr ...
Utilities for managing IBM's Journaled File System (JFS) under Linux.
IBM's journaled file system technology, currently used in IBM
enterprise servers, is designed for high-throughput server
environments, key to running intranet and other high-performance
e-business file servers.
The following utilities are available:
fsck.jfs - initiate replay of the JFS transaction log, and check and repair a
JFS formatted device.
logdump - dump a JFS formatted device's journal log.
logredo - "replay" a JFS formatted device's journal log.
mkfs.jfs - create a JFS formatted partition.
xchkdmp - dump the contents of a JFS fsck log file created with xchklog.
xchklog - extract a log from the JFS fsck workspace into a file.
xpeek - shell-type JFS file system editor.


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