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debaux | Debian Auxiliary Programs | Mehr ...
This package contains Perl programs and modules to build
and publish Debian packages.
debaux-build automatically downloads APT sources before
building, applies patches and additional sources. It
has options to build the packages in an existing chroot
environment, check the generated packages with lintian, install
the created packages on your local system or turn them
into RPM packages.
debaux-build has experimental support for downloading
Perl modules from CPAN and creating the necessary Debian
packaging files.
debaux-publish uploads packages and runs the scripts
to create the APT sources and packages files on the
remote system. debaux-publish doesn't support the pool
structure yet.
debaux-debconf | Perl Interface to Debconf | Mehr ...
This package contains the DebAux::Debconf module, which
provides an easy-to-use interface for some of the
Debconf::Client::ConfModule functions.
It has been separated from the debaux package to allow
packages utilizing this package during configuration and/or
installation without drawing the whole list of debaux's


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