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Offizielle Debianpakete von LinuXia Systems
appconfig Perl module for configuration file and command line handling
cgi-extratags-perl Useful Extensions for the CGI Module
ciphersaber Perl module implementing CipherSaber encryption
courier Courier mail server - base system
courier Courier mail server - IMAP server
courier-authlib Courier authentication daemon
dbix-easy-perl Easy to Use DBI Interface
debaux Debian Auxiliary Programs
interchange e-commerce and general HTTP database display system
interchange-doc Interchange Documentation
jfsutils utilities for managing the JFS filesystem
libmime-lite-html-perl Transform HTML page into MIME email
libtext-mediawikiformat-perl Convert Mediawiki markup into other text formats
libtie-shadowhash-perl Merge multiple data sources into a hash
pure-ftpd Pure-FTPd FTP server (Common Files)
pure-ftpd Secure and efficient FTP server
safe-hole-perl Perl module which makes a "hole" in the Safe compartment
set-crontab-perl Expand crontab-style integer lists

Debian APT-Quellen
ftp.debian.orgunstableOfficial Debian Distribution (unstable)deb unstable main
ftp.debian.orgstableOfficial Debian Distribution (stable)deb stable main
ftp.debian.orgtestingOfficial Debian Distribution (testing)deb testing main
ftp.debian.orgunstabledeb unstable non-free
ftp.debian.orgunstabledeb unstable contrib
ftp.debian.orgstabledeb stable contrib
ftp.debian.orgstabledeb stable non-free
ftp.debian.orgtestingdeb testing non-free
ftp.debian.orgtestingdeb testing contrib
debian.pkgs.cpan.orgdebian/dists/unstable/main/binary-i386/deb debian/dists/unstable/main/binary-i386/ main
ftp.debian.orgexperimentalOfficial Debian Distribution (experimental)deb experimental main
www.backports.orgsarge-backportsdeb sarge-backports main
volatile.debian.orgetch/volatiledeb etch/volatile main
www.backports.orgetch-backportsdeb etch-backports main


 Marktplatz für elektronische Bauelemente
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 Marktplatz für Musikinstrumente und Zubehör
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 Foreign Service National Training Database
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 Reengineering e-procurement System
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 Systemadministration für Internetagentur
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