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Link DBI DBI Homepage
Projekt cnshosting Systemadministration für Internetagentur
Projekt musikwein Marktplatz für Musikinstrumente und Zubehör
Debianpaket collectd-core statistics collection and monitoring daemon (core system)
Debianpaket dbi-link A partial implementation of SQL/MED to PostgreSQL
Debianpaket dbishell Interactive SQL shell with readline support
Debianpaket haskell-hdbc-doc Haskell Database Connectivity, Documentation
Debianpaket haskell-hsql-doc API documentation of the HSQL library for Haskell
Debianpaket haskell-hsql-mysql-doc API documentation of the hsql-mysql library for Haskell
Debianpaket haskell-hsql-odbc-doc API documentation of the hsql-odbc library for Haskell
Debianpaket haskell-hsql-postgresql-doc API documentation of the hsql-postgresql library for Haskell
Debianpaket haskell-hsql-sqlite3-doc API documentation of the hsql-sqlite3 library for Haskell
Debianpaket libapache-dbi-perl Connect apache server to database via perl's DBI
Debianpaket libapache-dbilogconfig-perl Apache::DBILogConfig: Logs access information in a DBI database
Debianpaket libapache-dbilogger-perl Tracks what's being transferred in a DBI database
Debianpaket libapache-mod-log-sql-dbi Use SQL to store/write your apache queries logs - DBI interface
Debianpaket libapache2-mod-log-sql-dbi Use SQL to store/write your apache queries logs - DBI interface
Debianpaket libauthen-simple-dbi-perl Simple DBI authentication
Debianpaket libcatalyst-model-cdbi-perl CDBI Model Class for Catalyst
Debianpaket libcatalyst-modules-extra-perl collection of extra modules for Catalyst
Debianpaket libcatalyst-modules-perl modules for Catalyst MVC Web Application Framework
Debianpaket libcgi-application-basic-plugin-bundle-perl Basic Plugins for CGI::Application
Debianpaket libcgi-application-extra-plugin-bundle-perl Extra Plugins for CGI::Application
Debianpaket libcgi-application-plugins-perl Plugins for CGI::Application
Debianpaket libclass-dbi-abstractsearch-perl Abstract Class::DBI's SQL with SQL::Abstract
Debianpaket libclass-dbi-asform-perl module to produce HTML form elements for database columns using Class::DBI
Debianpaket libclass-dbi-fromcgi-perl Perl module to update Class::DBI data using CGI::Untaint
Debianpaket libclass-dbi-fromform-perl Perl module to update Class::DBI data using Data::FormValidator
Debianpaket libclass-dbi-loader-perl Perl module for dynamic definition of Class::DBI sub classes
Debianpaket libclass-dbi-loader-relationship-perl Easier relationship specification in Class::DBI::Loader
Debianpaket libclass-dbi-mysql-perl extensions to Class::DBI for MySQL
Debianpaket libclass-dbi-pager-perl pager utility for Class::DBI
Debianpaket libclass-dbi-perl convenient abstraction layer to a database
Debianpaket libclass-dbi-pg-perl Class::DBI extension for Postgres
Debianpaket libclass-dbi-plugin-abstractcount-perl Class::DBI plugin to get COUNT(*) results with abstract SQL
Debianpaket libclass-dbi-plugin-pager-perl Class::DBI::Plugin::Pager - paged queries for CDBI
Debianpaket libclass-dbi-plugin-perl abstract base class for Class::DBI plugins
Debianpaket libclass-dbi-plugin-retrieveall-perl Class::DBI plugin providing a more complex retrieve_all() method
Debianpaket libclass-dbi-plugin-type-perl Class::DBI plugin to determine type information for table columns
Debianpaket libclass-dbi-sqlite-perl extension to Class::DBI for sqlite
Debianpaket libclass-dbi-sweet-perl sweeter Class::DBI
Debianpaket libdbd-anydata-perl perl DBI driver for files and data structures
Debianpaket libdbd-csv-perl DBI driver for CSV files
Debianpaket libdbd-excel-perl provides an SQL interface (via DBI) for accessing Excel files
Debianpaket libdbd-ldap-perl Perl extension for LDAP access via an SQL/Perl DBI interface
Debianpaket libdbd-maxdb-perl Perl interface to the MaxDB database system
Debianpaket libdbd-mock-perl Mock database driver for testing
Debianpaket libdbd-mysql-perl Perl5 database interface to the MySQL database
Debianpaket libdbd-mysql-ruby Ruby/DBI MySQL driver
Debianpaket libdbd-mysql-ruby1.8 Ruby/DBI MySQL driver for Ruby 1.8
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 Marktplatz für elektronische Bauelemente
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 Systemadministration für Internetagentur
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 Marktplatz für Musikinstrumente und Zubehör
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 Foreign Service National Training Database
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 Reengineering e-procurement System
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