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ldapscripts: Add and remove user and groups (stored in a ldap directory)

Distribution Debian stable
Abteilung admin
Quelle ldapscripts
Version 1.7.1-2
Maintainer Pierre Habouzit <madcoder@debian.org>
Beschreibung Ldapscripts are shell scripts that allow to manage POSIX accounts (users,
groups, machines) on an LDAP directory. They are similar to smbldap-tools
but are written in shellscript, not in PERL.
They only require OpenLDAP client commands (ldapadd, ldapdelete, ldapsearch,
ldapmodify, slappasswd) and make administrator's work a lot easier avoiding
him to configure PERL and each library dependencies (e.g. Net::LDAP).
These scripts are very simple to configure by not requiring any Samba-related
information (SID, profiles, homes, ...) : management of Samba attributes is
entirely done by standard commands (net, smbpasswd et pdbedit) used together
with the scripts. Moreover, most of the configuration is guessed from the
one of libpam-ldap, and everything should work out from the box for most
The scripts may be used independently - within command lines - or
automatically by Samba (like smbldap-tools), to handle POSIX information
within accounts before adding Samba information.
Abhängig vonldap-utils, libnss-ldap, libpam-ldap, sharutils, slapd
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