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horde3: horde web application framework

Distribution Debian testing
Abteilung web
Quelle horde3
Version 3.3.6+debian0-2
Maintainer Horde Maintainers <>
Beschreibung The Horde Framework is written in PHP, and provides the common
tools a Web application requires: classes for dealing with preferences,
compression, browser detection, connection tracking, MIME, and more.
The Horde Framework, by itself, does not provide any significant end user
functionality; it provides a base for other applications and tools for
developers. You will probably want to install some of the available Horde
applications, such as IMP (a webmail client), or Kronolith (a calendar).
There is a list of Horde applications and projects at
Abhängig vonlibjs-scriptaculous, php-log, php-mail, php-mail-mime, php5-gd, php5-mcrypt, libapache2-mod-php4 (>= 4:4.3.10) | libapache2-mod-php5 | php4-cgi (>= 4:4.3.10) | php5-cgi, libapache2-mod-php5 | php4-domxml | php5-cgi, apache2 | httpd
Recommendsfckeditor, locales, logrotate, php-date, php-db (>= 1.7.8), php-file, php-mdb2, php-services-weather (>= 1.3.1), php5-cli, php5-ldap | php5-mysql | php5-pgsql, php-mdb2-driver-mysql | php-mdb2-driver-pgsql | php-mdb2-driver-sqlite, tinymce (< < 3) | tinymce2
Vorgeschlagenchora2, enscript, gettext, gollem, imp4, kronolith2, libgeoip1, libwpd-tools, mnemo2, php-net-imap, php5-auth-pam, php5-mhash, ppthtml, rpm, source-highlight, turba2
Kollidiert mithorde, turba2 (< < 2.1)
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