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mnemosyne-blog: Maildir-to-blog compiler with XML templating and Python extensions

Distribution Debian testing
Abteilung web
Quelle mnemosyne-blog
Version 0.12-2
Maintainer Decklin Foster <>
Beschreibung Mnemosyne is a simple blogging system which generates static files.
Instead of using a database or filesystem hierarchy, you store your
entries in a Maildir. Writing a blog entry is thus as easy as sending
an email, and rebuilding the blog can be automated with mail filters,
cron, etc.
XHTML and XML are generated with Kid templates; a bare-bones web view
and an Atom feed are included as examples. Mnemosyne is extensible in
Python to add features such as input preprocessing (reStructuredText
is used by default), metadata ("tags" are standard) and filtering
entries for custom feeds.
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