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abcmidi: converter from ABC to MIDI format and back

Distribution Debian unstable
Abteilung sound
Quelle abcmidi
Version 20070318-2
Maintainer Anselm Lingnau <>
Beschreibung This package contains the programs `abc2midi' and `midi2abc', which
convert from the abc musical notation format to standard MIDI format
and vice-versa. They can generate accompaniment from guitar chords
in the abc file, as well as insert various MIDI events; the
MIDI-to-abc translation tries to figure out bars, triplets and
accidentals on its own.
The package also contains `abc2abc' (an abc prettyprinter/transposer),
`mftext' (a program that dumps a MIDI file as text), and `midicopy'
(a program that extracts specific tracks, channels or time intervals
from a MIDI file).
The programs in this package are based on the `midifilelib'
distribution available from
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