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libpcre3-dev: Perl 5 Compatible Regular Expression Library - development files

Distribution Debian unstable
Abteilung libdevel
Quelle pcre3
Version 8.02-1
Maintainer Mark Baker <>
Beschreibung This is a library of functions to support regular expressions whose syntax
and semantics are as close as possible to those of the Perl 5 language.
This package contains the development files, including headers, static
libraries, and documentation.
Abhängig vonlibc6-dev, libpcre3 (= 8.02-1), libpcrecpp0 (= 8.02-1)
Kollidiert mitlibpcre1-dev, libpcre2-dev
Offizielle Seiten Paket Entwicklerinformationen Bugs (Binärpaket) Bugs (Quellpaket)
Download amd64


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