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Debianpakete von

Paket Beschreibung Version Maintainer
anjuta-common A GNOME development IDE, for C/C++ - data files 2:2.3.4-3 Rob Bradford
anjuta-dbg A GNOME development IDE, for C/C++ - debug files 2:2.3.2-0 Rob Bradford
anjuta-dev A GNOME development IDE, for C/C++ - development files 2:2.3.2-0 Rob Bradford
antlr language tool for constructing recognizers, compilers etc 2.7.7-12 Debian Java Maintainers
apt-dbg debug info for APT 0.7.21~exp2 APT Development Team
ardour-gtk-dbg ardour-gtk detached debugging symbols 1:0.99.3+2.0beta12-1 Debian Multimedia Team
aspectc++ aspect-oriented programming extension for C++ 0.99+1.0pre3-3 Reinhard Tartler
asterisk-dev Development files for Asterisk 1: Debian VoIP Team
astyle Source code indenter for C++/C/Java/C# source code 1.20.2-1 Margarita Manterola
atlantik-dev Development files for Atlantik 4:3.5.6-1 Debian Qt/KDE Maintainers
audacious-plugins-dev Useful virtual package for doing audacious plugin development 2.3-1 Debian Audacious Packagers
autoconf automatic configure script builder 2.63-2 Ben Pfaff
autoconf2.64 automatic configure script builder (obsolete version) 2.64-1 Debian GCC Maintainers
autogen an automated text file generator 1:5.9.4~pre12-1 Matt Kraai
automoc automatic moc for Qt 4 packages 1.0~version-0.9.88-1 Debian Qt/KDE Maintainers
binutils The GNU assembler, linker and binary utilities Matthias Klose
binutils-dev The GNU binary utilities (BFD development files) Matthias Klose
binutils-gold The (experimental) GNU gold linker utility Matthias Klose
binutils-multiarch Binary utilities that support multi-arch targets Matthias Klose
binutils-source The GNU assembler, linker and binary utilities (source) Matthias Klose
bitbake build system used for embedded Linux distributions 1.8.10+svn1145-1 Jan Lübbe
blends-dev Debian Pure Blends common files for developing metapackages 0.6.1 Debian Pure Blend Team
boinc-dev development files to build applications for BOINC projects 6.4.5-1 Debian BOINC Maintainers
bongoproject-dbg Integrated mail and calendar system -- debug symbols 0.3.1-3 Jonny Lamb
botan-devel-dbg multiplatform crypto library (debug) 1.7.10-1 Daniel Baumann
bouml UML2 tool box to specify and generate code 2.22-1 Thomas Girard
bsh Java scripting environment (BeanShell) Version 2 2.0b4-9 Debian Java Maintainers
bzr-dbus D-Bus announcements plugin for Bazaar 0.1~bzr38-1 Debian Bazaar Maintainers
bzr-email Notification email plugin for Bazaar 0.0.1~bzr39-1 Debian Bazaar Maintainers
bzr-loom Focused patch plugin support for Bazaar 1.4.0~bzr91-1 Debian Bazaar Maintainers
bzr-search search plugin for Bazaar 1.6.0~bzr66-1 Debian Bazaar Maintainers
c2hs C->Haskell Interface Generator 0.15.0-1 Arjan Oosting
cacao-oj6-dbg Java runtime based on OpenJDK (debugging symbols) 6b12-1~exp1 OpenJDK Team
cacao-oj6-jdk OpenJDK Development Kit (JDK) 6b12-1~exp1 OpenJDK Team
cacao-source Source for CACAO, a Java virtual machine 0.99.4~20081012-1 Debian Java Maintainers
camlidl Stub code generator for Objective Caml 1.05-9 Debian OCaml Maintainers
camlp4 Pre Processor Pretty Printer for OCaml 3.11.0-4 Debian OCaml Maintainers
camlp4-extra Pre Processor Pretty Printer for OCaml - extras 3.11.0-4 Debian OCaml Maintainers
camlp5 Pre Processor Pretty Printer for OCaml - classical version 5.10-2 Debian OCaml Maintainers
cantlr language tool for constructing recognizers, compilers etc 2.7.7-12 Debian Java Maintainers
cdd-dev Debian Pure Blends dummy package for upgrades from cdd-dev 0.6.1 Debian Pure Blend Team
cernlib-base CERNLIB data analysis suite - common files 2006.dfsg.2-8 Kevin B. McCarty
cernlib-base-dev CERNLIB data analysis suite - dependencies checking script 2006.dfsg.2-8 Kevin B. McCarty
cervisia CVS client for KDE 4 4:4.4.2-1 Debian Qt/KDE Maintainers
ceve utility to parse package dependencies as set of constraints 1.1-1 Debian OCaml Maintainers
cipux-build user and resource management framework CipUX - build helper 0.1.0~svn2296-1 CipUX team
cl-ansi-tests Conformance tests for ANSI Common Lisp 20061207-1 Peter Van Eynde
cl-asdf Another System Definition Facility 1.106-1 Peter Van Eynde
cl-cclan Comprehensive Common Lisp Archive Network 1.106-1 Peter Van Eynde
cl-clg Common Lisp bindings to GTK+ v2.x 0.94~20080506-1 Mario Lang
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