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Debianpakete von

Paket Beschreibung Version Maintainer
aranym Atari Running on Any Machine 0.9.6beta2-1 Antonin Kral
arson KDE frontend for burning CDs 0.9.8beta2-4.3 Mike Markley
atari-fdisk-cross Partition editor for Atari (running on non-Atari) 0.7.1-5.4 Roman Hodek
autopilot Monitor the DTR line of /dev/palm and run a command to start sync 1.21-2 Debian QA Group
avr-libc Standard C library for Atmel AVR development 1:1.6.2.cvs20080610-2 Hakan Ardo
aylet ncurses-based player for Spectrum '.ay' music files 0.5-2 Krystian Wlosek
aylet-gtk X-GTK2-based player for Spectrum '.ay' music files 0.5-2 Krystian Wlosek
bchunk CD image format conversion from bin/cue to iso/cdr 1.2.0-8 Daniel Baumann
burn Command line Data-CD, Audio-CD, ISO-CD, Copy-CD writing tool 0.4.3-2.1+lenny1 Gaetano Paolone (bigpaul)
c2n Tape transfer utility for CBM/Oric-1 machines 1.1.4-2 Debian QA Group
cbmconvert Converts different Commodore file formats between each other 2.1.3-2 Debian QA Group
cbmlink-cbmc2n Commodore C2N232 images for cbmlink 0.9.6-1.1 Peter Karlsson
cbmlink-cbmprg Commodore binaries for cbmlink 0.9.6-1.1 Peter Karlsson
cbmlink-cbmutils Commodore utility programs for cbmlink 0.9.6-1.1 Peter Karlsson
ccd2iso Converter from CloneCD disc image format to standard ISO 0.3-3 Asheesh Laroia
cdrbq graphical cd burning frontend 1.23-1 Mario Iseli
cdrdao records CDs in Disk-At-Once (DAO) mode 1:1.2.2-16 Daniel Baumann
cdrecord Dummy transition package for wodim 9:1.1.9-1 Joerg Jaspert
cdrskin command line CD/DVD writing tool 0.4.4-1 Debian Libburnia packagers
cdrtoaster Dummy package for cdrbq (rename of package) 1.23-1 Mario Iseli
cdw Tool for burning CD's - console version 0.3.3-2 Laszlo Boszormenyi (GCS)
coldfire Freescale Coldfire 5206 emulator 0.2.2-2.1 Claudio Matsuoka
coldsync A tool for syncing PalmOS PDAs with Unix workstations 3.0+pre3-3 Debian QA Group
cpmtools Tools to access CP/M file systems 2.7-1 Bdale Garbee
dns323-firmware-tools build and manipulate firmware images for the DNS-323 0.2-1 Matt Palmer
dosbox A x86 emulator with Tandy/Herc/CGA/EGA/VGA/SVGA graphics, sound and DOS 0.72-1.1 Peter Veenstra
dosfstools utilities for making and checking MS-DOS FAT filesystems 3.0.1-1 Daniel Baumann
dvdauthor create DVD-Video file system 0.6.14-3 Marc Leeman
dvdisaster data loss/scratch/aging protection for CD/DVD media 0.71.26-2 Daniel Baumann
fatresize FAT16/FAT32 filesystem resizer 1.0.2-3+b1 Philippe Coval
floppyd Daemon for remote access to floppy drives 3.9.11-1 Anibal Monsalve Salazar
genisoimage Creates ISO-9660 CD-ROM filesystem images 9:1.1.9-1 Joerg Jaspert
hatari Atari ST(e) emulator 1.0.1-1 Teemu Hukkanen
hercules System/370, ESA/390 and z/Architecture Emulator 3.05-2 Peter De Schrijver (p2)
hfsplus Tools to access HFS+ formatted volumes 1.0.4-12 Aurélien GÉRÔME
hfsprogs mkfs and fsck for HFS and HFS+ file systems 332.14-4 Rogério Brito
hfsutils Tools for reading and writing Macintosh volumes 3.2.6-11 Aurélien GÉRÔME
hfsutils-tcltk Tcl/Tk interfaces for reading and writing Macintosh volumes 3.2.6-11 Aurélien GÉRÔME
iat Converts many CD-ROM image formats to iso9660 0.1.3-7 Dmitry E. Oboukhov
imgvtopgm PalmPilot/III Image Conversion utility 2.0-8 Erik Schanze
isomaster A graphical CD image editor 1.3.3-1 David Johnson
jpilot graphical app. to modify the contents of your Palm Pilot's DBs 1.6.0-1 Ludovic Rousseau
jpilot-backup Backup plugin for J-Pilot 0.53-1 Ludovic Rousseau
jpilot-plugins plugins for jpilot (Palm Pilot desktop) 1.6.0-1 Ludovic Rousseau
jppy-jpilot-plugins J-Pilot plugins to integrate jppy 0.0.47-1.1 jppy development team
k3b-i18n Internationalized (i18n) files for k3b 1.0.5-1 Debian KDE Extras Team
klipsi Remote Cut&Paste for Psion PDA 0.15-1.2 John Lines
kpsion Backup and Restore of a Psion PDA 0.15-1.2 John Lines
libcdio-utils sample applications based on the CDIO libraries 0.78.2+dfsg1-3 Nicolas Boullis
liblustre Runtime library for Lustre filesystem utilities Debian Lustre Packaging team
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