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Debianpakete von

Paket Beschreibung Version Maintainer
2vcard perl script to convert an addressbook to VCARD file format 0.5-2 Martin Albisetti
3ddesktop "Three-dimensional" desktop switcher 0.2.9-6 Pierre Habouzit
9base Plan 9 userland tools 1:2-8 Daniel Baumann
acl Access control list utilities 2.2.47-2 Nathan Scott
acpi displays information on ACPI devices 1.1-2 Debian Acpi Team
acpitail Show ACPI information in a tail-like style 0.1-1 Tobias Klauser
acpitool command line ACPI client 0.5-2 Daniel Baumann
adplug-utils free AdLib sound library (utils) 2.0.1-7 Debian QA Group
advancecomp collection of recompression utilities 1.15-1 Piotr Ozarowski
aespipe AES-encryption tool with loop-AES support 2.3d-2 Debian Loop-AES Team
afbackup Client-Server Backup System (Server side) Rene Mayorga
afbackup-client Client-Server Backup System (Client side) Rene Mayorga
afbackup-common Client-Server Backup System (common files) Rene Mayorga
affiche transitional package for (desktop notes) 0.6.0-5 Hubert Chan An application to "stick" little notes on the desktop 0.6.0-7+b1 Hubert Chathi
afio archive file manipulation program 2.5-5 Erik Schanze
afuse automounting file system implemented in user-space using FUSE 0.2-3 Varun Hiremath
aish ish/base64/uuencoded_file converter 1.13-5 Atsushi KAMOSHIDA
alacarte easy GNOME menu editing tool 0.11.5-1 Debian GNOME Maintainers
alarm-clock Alarm Clock for GNOME Desktop Python Applications Packaging Team
allegro-examples example programs and demo tools for the Allegro library 2:4.2.2-2 Debian allegro packages maintainers
amanda-client Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver (Client) 1:2.5.2p1-4 Bdale Garbee
amanda-common Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver (Libs) 1:2.5.2p1-4 Bdale Garbee
amanda-server Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver (Server) 1:2.5.2p1-4 Bdale Garbee
amideco Decompress flashfiles equipped with an AMI BIOS 0.31e-3 Uwe Hermann
annodex-tools tools for fiddling with annotated and indexed media streams 0.7.3-3.1 Jamie Wilkinson
anthy input method for Japanese - backend, dictionary and utility 9100e-3.2 NOKUBI Takatsugu
anthy-el input method for Japanese - elisp frontend 9100e-3.2 NOKUBI Takatsugu
anyremote Remote control service Bluetooth, IrDA, Wi-Fi connection 4.6-1 Juan Angulo Moreno
apparix console-based bookmark tool for fast file system navigation 07-261-1 Armin Berres
apt-cross retrieve, build and install libraries for cross-compiling 0.12.0 Neil Williams
apt-listchanges package change history notification tool 2.83 Pierre Habouzit
apt-rdepends Recursively lists package dependencies 1.3.0-1.1 Simon Law
aptfs FUSE filesystem for APT source repositories 0.6.1 Chris Lamb
aptlinex Web browser addon to install Debian packages with a click 0.91-1 José L. Redrejo Rodríguez
aqbanking-tool transitional package for Debian Lenny 3.6.2-1+lenny1 Micha Lenk
aqbanking-tools basic command line homebanking utilities 3.6.2-1+lenny1 Micha Lenk
aqbanking16-qt-wizard setup tool for AqBanking 2.2.3-3 Micha Lenk
ara Command line utility for searching the Debian package database 1.0.25 George Danchev
ara-byte Command line utility for searching the Debian package database 1.0.25 George Danchev
arc Archive utility based on the MSDOS ARC program 5.21m-1 Klaus Reimer
archmage CHM(Compiled HTML) Decompressor 1:0.1.9-2 Mikhail Gusarov
arj archiver for .arj files 3.10.22-6 Guillem Jover
ark graphical archiving tool for KDE 4:3.5.9-2 Debian Qt/KDE Maintainers
artist Emacs Lisp drawing package 1.2.6-4 Fredrik Hallenberg
ascii interactive ASCII name and synonym chart 3.8-4 Florian Ernst
asused To run a check on the usage of your registry's allocations 3.72-7 Jan Wagner
athena-jot print out increasing, decreasing, random, or redundant data, one per line 9.0-5 Francesco Paolo Lovergine
atool A tool for managing file archives of various types 0.35.0-4 Francois Marier
attr Utilities for manipulating filesystem extended attributes 1:2.4.43-2 Nathan Scott
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