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Debianpakete von

Paket Beschreibung Version Maintainer
915resolution resolution modification tool for Intel graphic chipset 0.5.2-9 Steffen Joeris
9menu Creates X menus from the shell 1.8-1.2 Andrew Stribblehill
9wm emulation of the Plan 9 window manager 8-1/2 1.2-9 Decklin Foster Analog dockapp clock for GNUstep 0.2.3-3+b1 Gürkan Sengün
adesklets interactive Imlib2 console for the X Window System 0.6.1-4 Debian QA Group
aegis-virus-scanner A virus scanner for Linux/Unix systems 0.1.1-1 Florian Ragwitz
aewm a minimalist window manager for X11 1.3.12-2 Decklin Foster
aewm++ minimal window manager written in C++ 1.1.2-4.1 Chris Boyle
aewm++-goodies utilities to complement a minimal window manager 1.0-8.1 Chris Boyle
afterstep window manager with the NEXTSTEP look and feel 2.2.8-2 Robert Luberda
agistudio IDE for creating early Sierra style AGI games 1.2.2-1 Jarno Elonen
alevt X11 Teletext/Videotext browser 1:1.6.1-10.2 Andreas Rottmann
alltray Dock any program into the system tray 0.69-1 Carlos C Soto
amaterus GTK+ based window manager 0.34.1-7.1 GOTO Masanori
ami An X input method server for Korean text input 1.2.3-2 Changwoo Ryu
amsn An MSN messenger written in Tcl 0.97.2~debian-1 Muammar El Khatib
amsn-data Data files for aMSN 0.97.2~debian-1 Muammar El Khatib
aosd-cat an on screen display tool which uses libaosd 0.2.4-1 William Pitcock
app-install-data Application Installer Data Files 2008.11.27 Julian Andres Klode
asclassic X11 window manager, AfterStep Classic (forked from v1.1) 1.1b-29 Taketoshi Sano
asclock A clock designed with the NeXTStep look 2.0.12-10 Helge Kreutzmann
asclock-themes Theme files for ASclock, a clock applet 2.0.12-10 Helge Kreutzmann
ascpu AfterStep look & feel CPU statistics monitor tool 1.11-1 Debian QA Group
asmem memory utilization monitor with AfterStep look & feel 1.10-1 Debian QA Group
asmix display a volume knob 1.5-3 Varun Hiremath
asmon system resource monitor dockapp for Afterstep and WindowMaker 0.71-4 Eric Evans
asmounter Mount point manager for AfterStep 0.3-5 Debian QA Group
aterm Afterstep XVT - a VT102 emulator for the X window system 1.0.1-4 Debian QA Group
aterm-ml Afterstep XVT - a VT102 emulator for the X window system 1.0.1-4 Debian QA Group
autocutsel Keep the X clipboard and the cutbuffer in sync 0.9.0-1 Elmar S. Heeb
awesome dynamic floating and tiling window manager 2.3.3-1 Julien Danjou
bandwidthcalc file transfer time calculator written in GTK+ 0.1-2 Christoph Goehre
baobab graphical tool to analyse disk usage 2.4.2-1.1+b1 Fabio Marzocca Battery monitor for GNUstep 0.2-4+b1 Gürkan Sengün
bbappconf Configuration tool for Blackbox application windows 0.0.2-6 Debian QA Group
bbdate Date tool for the blackbox window manager 0.2.4-4.2 Chris Gibson
bbkeys A key-grabber for any NETWM/EMWH-compliant window manager 0.9.0-7.1 Bruno Barrera C.
bbpager Pager for the blackbox and fluxbox window managers 0.4.7-3 Kevin Coyner
bbppp PPP tool for the blackbox window manager 0.2.5-4 Stan Vasilyev
bbrun A tool for the blackbox/fluxbox window managers that runs commands 1.6-5 Kevin Coyner
bbsload System load tool for the blackbox window manager 0.2.8-2 Debian QA Group
bbtime Time tool for the blackbox/fluxbox window managers 0.1.5-12 Kevin Coyner
bclock Bezier Clock 1.0-12 Teemu Hukkanen
bdfresize tool for resizing BDF format font 1.5-5 Tatsuya Kinoshita
big-cursor larger mouse cursors for X 3.8 Joey Hess
blackbox Window manager for X 0.70.1-2.2 Bruno Barrera C.
blackbox-themes Themes for the Blackbox Windowmanager 0.3 Bruno Barrera C.
boinc-manager GUI to control and monitor the BOINC core client 6.2.14-3 Debian BOINC Maintainers
bookmarkbridge tool to synchronize bookmarks between browsers 0.76-2.1 Masami Ichikawa
bubblefishymon system load dockapp with a duck 0.6.4-3 Mika Matsuzaki
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