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Debianpakete von

Paket Beschreibung Version Maintainer
a56 Motorola DSP56001 assembler 1.3-5 Robert Millan
aap make-like "expert system" for building software 1.091-1 Debian QA Group
abi-compliance-checker tool to compare ABI compatibility of shared C/C++ library versions 1.6-1 Ryan Niebur
abicheck binary compatibility checking tool 1.2-5 Angel Ramos
acovea analysis of compiler options via evolutionary algorithms 5.1.1-2 Al Stone
adabrowse HTML generator for Ada 95 library unit specifications 4.0.3-4 Adrian-Ken Rueegsegger
adacontrol An Ada rules controller 1.12r3-1 Ludovic Brenta
aegis-tk aegis Tk user interface 4.24.3-1 Walter Franzini
aegis-web aegis web based user interface 4.24.3-1 Walter Franzini
albert Documents Common Lisp programs in DocBook format 1:0.4.10-4 René van Bevern
allegro-demo-data graphics and audio data for allegro-demo 3.9.36-7 Debian allegro packages maintainers
alleyoop Front-end to the Valgrind memory checker 0.9.7-1 Debian GNOME Maintainers
anjuta-common A GNOME development IDE, for C/C++ - data files 2: Rob Bradford
anjuta-dev A GNOME development IDE, for C/C++ - development files 2: Rob Bradford
antlr language tool for constructing recognizers, compilers etc 2.7.7-16 Debian Java Maintainers
antlr3 language tool for constructing recognizers, compilers etc 3.0.1+dfsg-4 Debian Java Maintainers
antlr3-gcj language tool for constructing recognizers, compilers etc (native code) 3.0.1+dfsg-4 Debian Java Maintainers
apache-dbg debug versions of the Apache webservers 1.3.34-4.1 Debian Apache Maintainers
apache-dev development kit for the Apache webserver 1.3.34-4.1 Debian Apache Maintainers
apcalc-dev Library for arbitrary precision arithmetic Martin Buck
aplus-fsf-dev A+ programming language development environment 4.22.1-4 Neil Roeth
apt-build frontend to apt to build, optimize and install packages 0.12.37 Julien Danjou
arch-buildpackage tools for maintaining Debian packages using arch 0.1-5 Debian QA Group
archway GUI for GNU Arch 0.2.1+patch-85-1 Debian QA Group
archzoom web-based Arch repository browser 0.5.1-4 Debian QA Group
ardour-gtk-dbg ardour-gtk detached debugging symbols 0.99.3-1+b1 Debian Multimedia Team
as31 Intel 8031/8051 assembler 2.3.1-2 Bdale Garbee
asis-programs Ada Semantic Interface Specification (ASIS) example programs 2008-4 Ludovic Brenta
asn1c ASN.1 compiler for C 0.9.21.dfsg-4 W. Martin Borgert
aspectc++ aspect-oriented programming extension for C++ 1.0pre4~svn.20090918-1 Reinhard Tartler
asterisk-dev Development files for Asterisk 1: Debian VoIP Team
astyle Source code indenter for C++/C/Java/C# source code 1.24-1 Margarita Manterola
atfs The Attributed File System (AtFS) 1.4pl6-11 Matthias Klose
atheist A general purpose command-line testing tool 0.20100416-1 Cleto Martin Angelina
atlantik-dev Development files for Atlantik 4:3.5.10-1 Debian Qt/KDE Maintainers
atlas3-base-dev Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software,generic static 3.6.0-20.6 Camm Maguire
atlas3-headers Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software,C header files 3.6.0-20.6 Camm Maguire
atlas3-test Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software,test programs 3.6.0-20.6 Camm Maguire
ats-lang-anairiats The ATS language compiler Anairiats 0.1.8-1 Matthew Danish
ats-lang-anairiats-examples Documentation for the ATS compiler Anairiats 0.1.8-1 Matthew Danish
audacious-plugins-dev Useful virtual package for doing audacious plugin development 2.1-1.1 Debian Audacious Packagers
autoconf automatic configure script builder 2.65-4 Ben Pfaff
autoconf-archive The Autoconf Macro Archive 20090426-1 Qingning Huo
autoconf2.13 automatic configure script builder (obsolete version) 2.13-60 Ben Pfaff
autoconf2.59 automatic configure script builder (obsolete version) 2.59-1 Debian GCC Maintainers
autoconf2.64 automatic configure script builder (obsolete version) 2.64-2 Debian GCC Maintainers
autodia generates UML diagrams from perl or C++ code 2.03-2 Cedric Gehin
autogen automated text file generator 1:5.10-1.1 Bradley Smith
automake A tool for generating GNU Standards-compliant Makefiles 1:1.11.1-1 Eric Dorland
automake1.10 A tool for generating GNU Standards-compliant Makefiles 1:1.10.3-1 Eric Dorland
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