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Debianpakete von

Paket Beschreibung Version Maintainer
drush command line shell and Unix scripting interface for Drupal 2.0-6 Antoine Beaupré
dwoo PHP5 template engine 1.1.1-1 Penny Leach
libgv-php5 Php5 bindings for graphviz 2.26.3-4 David Claughton
libnusoap-php SOAP toolkit for PHP 0.7.3-3 Olivier Berger
libphp-adodb The ADOdb database abstraction layer for PHP 5.10-1 Cameron Dale
libphp-diogenes library for web site creation 0.9.20-2.1 Jeremy Lainé
libphp-jabber Object-oriented PHP interface for the Jabber/XMPP protocol 0.4.3-3 Debian XMPP Maintainers
libphp-jpgraph Object oriented graph library for php5 1.5.2-12 Christian Bayle
libphp-jpgraph-examples Object oriented graph library for php5 (examples) 1.5.2-12 Christian Bayle
libphp-magpierss provides an XML-based RSS parser in PHP 0.72-8 Marcelo Jorge Vieira (metal)
libphp-pclzip zip archive manager class for PHP 2.8.2-2 Federico Gimenez Nieto
libphp-phpmailer full featured email transfer class for PHP 5.1-1 Kevin Coyner
libphp-redis Persistent key-value database with network interface (PHP client library) 1:1.02-1 Chris Lamb
libphp-simplepie RSS and Atom feed parsing in PHP 1.2-1 Marcelo Jorge Vieira (metal)
libphp-snoopy Snoopy is a PHP class that simulates a web browser 1.2.4-2 Marcelo Jorge Vieira (metal)
php-apc APC (Alternative PHP Cache) module for PHP 5 3.1.3p1-2 Pietro Ferrari
php-auth PHP PEAR modules for creating an authentication system 1.6.2-1 Gregory Colpart
php-benchmark Framework to benchmark PHP scripts or function calls 1.2.7-5 Jose Antonio Quevedo Muñoz
php-crypt-gpg PHP PEAR module for encrypting and decrypting with GnuPG 1.1.0-1 Joey Schulze
php-geshi Generic Syntax Highlighter Mediawiki Maintenance Team
php-getid3 PHP script to extract informations from multimedia files 1.7.9-1 Romain Beauxis
php-gettext read gettext MO files directly, without requiring anything other than PHP 1.0.10-1 Marcelo Jorge Vieira (metal)
php-html-safe strip down all potentially dangerous content within HTML 0.10.0-1 Romain Beauxis
php-html-template-it PEAR HTML Isotemplate API 1:1.2.1-3 Federico Gimenez Nieto
php-htmlpurifier Standards-compliant HTML filter 4.1.0+dfsg1-1 Christian Bayle
php-http-request provides an easy way to perform HTTP requests 1.4.4-1 Debian PHP Maintainers
php-kolab-filter Postfix filters for the Kolab server 0.1.8-1 Debian Kolab Maintainers
php-kolab-freebusy provide Kolab free/busy information 0.1.5-3 Debian Kolab Maintainers
php-log log module for PEAR 1.12.0-1 Debian PHP Maintainers
php-mail PHP PEAR module for sending email 1.2.0-1 Debian PHP Maintainers
php-mail-mime PHP PEAR module for creating MIME messages 1.5.3-0.1 Jeroen van Wolffelaar
php-mdb2 PHP PEAR module to provide a common API for supported RDBMS 2.5.0b2-1 Debian PHP Maintainers
php-mdb2-driver-mysql PHP PEAR module to provide a MySQL driver for MDB2 1.5.0b2-1 Debian PHP Maintainers
php-mdb2-driver-pgsql PHP PEAR module to provide a PostgreSQL driver for MDB2 1.5.0b2-1 Debian PHP Maintainers
php-mdb2-driver-sqlite PHP PEAR module to provide a SQLite driver for MDB2 1.5.0b2-1 Debian PHP Maintainers
php-net-checkip check the syntax of IPv4 addresses 1.2.1-3 Jean-Marc Roth
php-net-ipv4 IPv4 network calculations and validation 1.3.1-2 Thierry Randrianiriana
php-net-ldap a OO interface for searching and manipulating LDAP-entries 1:1.1.5-1 Debian PHP Maintainers
php-net-ping a PEAR class wrapper around the ping shell utility 2.4.5-1 Thomas Goirand
php-net-sieve net_sieve module for PEAR 1.1.7-1 Federico Gimenez Nieto
php-net-smtp PHP PEAR module implementing SMTP protocol 1.4.2-1 Debian PHP Maintainers
php-openid PHP OpenID library 2.2.1-1 Jan Hauke Rahm
php-pear PEAR - PHP Extension and Application Repository 5.3.2-1 Debian PHP Maintainers
php-soap a SOAP Client/Server class for PHP 0.12.0-1 Thierry Randrianiriana
php-versioncontrol-svn Wrapper interface for the Subversion command-line client 0.3.3-2 Artur R. Czechowski
php-wikidiff2 external diff engine for mediawiki 0.0.1+svn55737-1.1+b1 Mediawiki Maintenance Team
php-xajax A library to develop Ajax applications 0.5-1 David Gil
php-xml-parser PHP PEAR module for parsing XML 1.3.2-1 Debian PHP Maintainers
php-xml-serializer swiss-army knife for reading and writing XML files 0.20.0-2 Federico Gimenez Nieto
php-zeroc-ice Ice for PHP extension 3.3.1-12 Francisco Moya
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