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libxcb-atom0-dev: utility libraries for X C Binding -- atom

Distribution archive etch-backports
Abteilung libdevel
Quelle xcb-util
Version 0.2.1+git1-1~bpo40+1
Maintainer Julien Danjou <>
Beschreibung This package contains the header and library files needed to build software
using libxcb-atom, providing standard core X atom constants and atom caching.
The xcb-util module provides a number of libraries which sit on top of
libxcb, the core X protocol library, and some of the extension
libraries. These experimental libraries provide convenience functions
and interfaces which make the raw X protocol more usable. Some of the
libraries also provide client-side code which is not strictly part of
the X protocol but which have traditionally been provided by Xlib.
Abhängig vonlibxcb-atom0 (= 0.2.1+git1-1~bpo40+1), libxcb1-dev
Download amd64


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