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Suchergebnisse für aufs

aufs-source | Source for the aufs driver | Mehr ...
This package provides the source code for the aufs kernel modules.
The aufs package is also required in order to make use of these
modules. Kernel source or headers are required to compile these modules.
aufs-tools | Tools to manage aufs filesystems | Mehr ...
The aufs driver provides a unification file system for the Linux kernel. It
allows to virtually merge the contents of several directories and/or stack
them, so that apparent file changes in the aufs end in file changes in only
one of the source directories.
This package contains utilities needed to configure aufs containers
linux-patch-aufs | Kernel patches for aufs | Mehr ...
This package provides the kernel patches lhash and ksize for aufs.
Aufs sometimes needs to re-allocate memory. If 'ksize' kernel internal
function is exported to modules, aufs runs efficiently in some cases.
If you use mounted NFS as an aufs branch filesystem, then you
need to apply the lhash patch to your kernel.
This package does not provide any patch to add the aufs module
to the kernel.


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