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kernel-package: A utility for building Linux kernel related Debian packages.

Distribution archive sarge-backports
Abteilung misc
Quelle kernel-package
Version 10.067~bpo.1
Maintainer Manoj Srivastava <>
Beschreibung This package provides the capability to create a debian kernel-image
package by just running make-kpkg kernel_image in a kernel source
directory tree. It can also package the relevant kernel headers into
a kernel-headers package. In general, this package is very useful if
you need to create a custom kernel, if, for example, the default
kernel does not support some of your hardware, or you wish a leaner,
meaner kernel. It also scripts the steps that need be taken to
compile the kernel, which is quite convenient (forgetting a crucial
step once was the initial motivation for this package). Please look at
/usr/share/doc/kernel-package/Rationale.gz for a full list of advantages
of this package.
Abhängig vondpkg (>= 1.4), dpkg-dev (>=, file, gettext, make (>= 3.80-10), perl, po-debconf, c-compiler | gcc
Recommendsbzip2, libc-dev | libc6-dev
Vorgeschlagendocbook-utils, libdb3-dev, libncurses-dev, kernel-source | linux-source
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