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Suchergebnisse für kdegames

atlantik | KDE client for Monopoly-like network games | Mehr ...
This is a KDE client for playing Monopoly-like boardgames on the
monopd network. It can play any board supported by the network
server, including the classic Monopoly game, as well as the Atlantik
game in which the property includes several major cities in North
America and Europe.
atlantik-dev | Development files for Atlantik | Mehr ...
This package contains header files for compiling programs against the
libraries which come with Atlantik.
kasteroids | Asteroids for KDE | Mehr ...
You know this game. It is based on Warwick Allison's QwSpriteField
The objective of kasteroids is to destroy all the asteroids on the
screen to advance to the next level. Your ship is destroyed if it
makes contact with an asteroid.
katomic | Atomic Entertainment game for KDE | Mehr ...
This is a puzzle game, in which the object is to assemble a molecule
from its atoms on a Sokoban-like board. On each move, an atom goes
as far as it can in a specified direction before being stopped by a
wall or another atom.
kbackgammon | A Backgammon game for KDE | Mehr ...
KBackgammon is a backgammon program for KDE2. It is based on the
code, ideas and concepts of KFibs (which is a FIBS client for
KDE1). For a short time, KBackgammon was called bacKgammon (if you
know somebody who is still using bacKgammon, please force them to
upgrade :-)).
kbattleship | Battleship game for KDE | Mehr ...
This is an implementation of the Battleship game. Each player tries
to be the first to sink all the opponent's ships by firing "blindly"
at them. The game has options to play over a network connection or
against the computer.
kblackbox | A simple logical game for the KDE project | Mehr ...
KBlackBox is a game of hide and seek played on an grid of boxes. Your
opponent (Random number generator, in this case) has hidden several
balls within this box. By shooting rays into the box and observing
where they emerge it is possible to deduce the positions of the
hidden balls. The fewer rays you use to find the balls, the lower
your score.
kbounce | Jezzball clone for the K Desktop Environment | Mehr ...
This is a clone of the popular Jezzball game originally created by
Microsoft. Jezzball is one of the rare and simple games requiring
skill, timing, and patience in order to be successful. A ball begins
to bounce off of an area enclosed by four borders (like a
square). You must move your pointer to certain areas within the
square. Upon clicking, a new border is constructed at a relatively
quick pace. You can change the direction of the borders by 90 degrees
as well. Ultimately, you must force the ball to bounce around in a
smaller, and smaller area as time goes by without the ball ever
touching the borders as they are being constructed. If a ball touches
a certain part of the border as it is being built, the game is over.
After 75% of the original space has been blocked off from the moving
ball, you advance one level, and one more ball is added to the mix in
the following level.
This game was previously known as kjezz.
kdegames | KDE Games metapackage | Mehr ...
This is an empty package which depends on the current version of
every game in the kdegames distribution.
kdegames-card-data | Card decks for KDE games | Mehr ...
Several different collections of card images for use by KDE games.
kdegames-doc-html | KDE games documentation in HTML format | Mehr ...
By default the games provided with KDE (the K Desktop Environment)
only provide their documentation in KDE docbook format, which can
only be read by Konqueror or KHelpCenter. This package provides all
of the KDE games documentation converted to HTML format so it can be
read with any web browser.
The documentation will be installed into the usual directories
/usr/share/doc/kde/HTML/en//, for instance
kenolaba | Enolaba board game for KDE | Mehr ...
kenolaba is a simple board strategy game that is played by two
players. There are red and yellow pieces for each player. Beginning
from a start position where each player has 14 pieces, moves are
drawn until one player has pushed 6 pieces of his opponent out of the
This game was previously known as kabalone, and was inspired by the
board game Abalone by Abalone SA, France.
kfouleggs | A KDE clone of the Japanese PuyoPuyo game | Mehr ...
KFouleggs is a clone of the Japanese PuyoPuyo game, with advanced
features such as multiplayer games against human or AI, and network
play. If you have played Tetris or one of its many clones, you will
find KFouleggs easy to learn.
kgoldrunner | A KDE clone of the Loderunner arcade game | Mehr ...
KGoldrunner, a game of action and puzzle solving. Run through the
maze, dodge your enemies, collect all the gold and climb up to the
next level.
You must guide the hero with the mouse or keyboard and collect all
the gold nuggets, then you can climb up into the next level. Your
enemies are also after the gold and they will kill you if they catch
The problem is you have no weapon to kill them. All you can do is
run away, dig holes in the floor to trap them or lure them into some
area where they cannot hurt you. After a short time a trapped enemy
climbs out of his hole, but if it closes before that, he will die and
reappear somewhere else.
kjumpingcube | Tactical one or two player game | Mehr ...
KJumpingCube is a simple tactical game. You can play it against the
computer or against a friend. The playing field consists of squares
that contains points. By clicking on the squares you can increase
the points and if the points reach a maximum the points will jump to
the squares neighbours and take them over. Winner is the one, who
owns all squares.
klickety | A Clickomania-like game for KDE | Mehr ...
Klickety is an adaptation of the (perhaps) well-known Clickomania
game; it is very similar to the "same" game.
klines | Color lines for KDE | Mehr ...
KLines is a simple game. It is played by one player, so there is only
one winner :-). You play for fun and against the high score. It was
inspired by a well known game - "Color lines", written for DOS by
Olga Demina, Igor Demina, Igor Ivkin and Gennady Denisov back in
The main rules of the game are as simple as possible: you move (using
the mouse) marbles from cell to cell and build lines (horizontal,
vertical or diagonal). When a line contains 5 or more marbles, they
are removed and your score grows. After each turn the computer drops
three more marbles.
kmahjongg | the classic mahjongg game for KDE project | Mehr ...
Your mission in this game is to remove all tiles from the game board. A
matching pair of tiles can be removed, if they are 'free', which means that
no other tiles block them on the left or right side.
kmines | Minesweeper for KDE | Mehr ...
KMines is the classic Minesweeper game. You must uncover all the
empty cases without blowing on a mine.
When you uncover a case, a number appears : it indicates how many
mines surround this case. If there is no number the neighbour cases
are automatically uncovered. In your process of uncovering secure
cases, it is very useful to put a flag on the cases which contain a
knetwalk | A game for system administrators | Mehr ...
This game presents the player with a rectangular field consisting of
a server, several clients, and pieces of wire. The object is to
rotate these elements until every client is connected to the server,
and no wires are left unconnected.
kolf | Minigolf game for KDE | Mehr ...
This is a minigolf game for KDE that allows you to go through different
golf courses and waste an exorbitant amount of time.
kolf-dev | Development files for Kolf | Mehr ...
This package contains headers and development libraries for compiling
Kolf plugins.
konquest | KDE based GNU-Lactic Konquest game | Mehr ...
This the KDE version of Gnu-Lactic Konquest, a multi-player strategy
game. The goal of the game is to expand your interstellar empire
across the galaxy and, of course, crush your rivals in the process.
kpat | KDE solitaire patience game | Mehr ...
KPatience is a collection of 14 card games. All the games are single
player games.
kpoker | KDE based Poker clone | Mehr ...
KPoker is a KDE compliant clone of those highly addictive pocket
video poker games which are sometimes called "Videopoker" as well.
kreversi | Reversi for KDE | Mehr ...
Reversi is a simple strategy game that is played by two
players. There is only one type of piece - one side of it is black,
the other white. If a player captures a piece on the board, that
piece is turned and belongs to that player. The winner is the person
that has more pieces of his own color on the board and if there are
no more moves possible.
ksame | SameGame for KDE | Mehr ...
KSame is a simple game. It's played by one player, so there is only
one winner :-) You play for fun and against the high score. It has
been inspired by SameGame, that is only famous on the Macintosh
kshisen | Shisen-Sho for KDE | Mehr ...
KShisen-Sho is a single-player-game similar to Mahjongg and uses the
same set of tiles as Mahjongg.
The object of the game is to remove all tiles from the field.
ksirtet | Tetris and Puyo-Puyo games for KDE | Mehr ...
This program is a clone of the well known game Tetris. You must fit
the falling pieces to form full lines. You can rotate and translate
the falling piece. The game ends when no more piece can fall ie when
your incomplete lines reach the top of the board.
Every time you have destroyed 10 lines, you gain a level and the
pieces fall quicker (exactly the piece falls from a line each
1/(1+level) second).
ksmiletris | Tetris like game for KDE | Mehr ...
This is a game with falling blocks composed of different types of
smilies. The object of the game is to "crack a smile" by guiding
blocks so there are two or more of the same symbol vertically.
ksnake | Snake Race for KDE | Mehr ...
Snake Race is a game of speed and agility. You are a hungry snake and
are trying to eat all the apples in the room before getting out!
ksokoban | Sokoban game for KDE | Mehr ...
The first sokoban game was created in 1982 by Hiroyuki Imabayashi at
the Japanese company Thinking Rabbit, Inc. "Sokoban" is japanese for
"warehouse keeper". The idea is that you are a warehouse keeper
trying to push crates to their proper locations in a warehouse.
The problem is that you cannot pull the crates or step over them. If
you are not careful, some of the crates can get stuck in wrong places
and/or block your way.
It can be rather difficult just to solve a level. But if you want to
make it even harder, you can try to minimise the number of moves
and/or pushes you use to solve the level.
To make the game more fun for small kids (below 10 years or so), some
collections with easier levels are also included in KSokoban. These
are marked (easy) in the level collection menu. Of course, these
levels can be fun for adults too, for example if you don't want to
expose yourself to too much mental strain.
kspaceduel | Arcade two-player space game for KDE | Mehr ...
KSpaceduel is an space arcade game for two players.
Each player controls a ship that flies around the sun and tries to
shoot at the other ship. You can play KSpaceduel with another person,
against the computer, or you can have the computer control both ships
and play each other.
ktron | Tron clone for the K Desktop Environment | Mehr ...
The object of the game is to avoid running into walls, your own tail,
and that of your opponent.
ktuberling | Potato Guy for KDE | Mehr ...
KTuberling is a game intended for small children. Of course, it may
be suitable for adults who have remained young at heart.
It is a potato editor. That means that you can drag and drop eyes,
mouths, moustache, and other parts of face and goodies onto a
potato-like guy. Similarly, you have a penguin on which you can drop
other stuff.
There is no winner for the game. The only purpose is to make the
funniest faces you can.
There is a museum (like a "Madame Tusseau" gallery) where you can
find many funny examples of decorated potatoes. Of course, you can
send your own creations to the programmer, Eric Bischoff, who will
include them in the museum if he gets some spare time.
kwin4 | Connect Four clone for KDE | Mehr ...
Four wins is a game for two players. Each player is represented by a
colour (yellow and red). The goal of the game is to get four
connected pieces of your colour into a row, column or any
diagonal. This is done by placing one of your pieces into any of the
seven columns. A piece will begin to fill a column from the bottom,
i.e. it will fall down until it reaches the ground level or another
stone. After a move is done it is the turn of the other player. This
is repeated until the game is over, i.e. one of the players has four
pieces in a row, column or diagonal or no more moves are possible
because the board is filled.
libkdegames-dev | KDE games library headers | Mehr ...
This package is necessary if you want to develop your own games using
the KDE games library.
libkdegames-doc | API documentation for the KDE games library | Mehr ...
This package contains the developers' documentation for libkdegames.
You may want to install it if you wish to develop games for KDE.
libkdegames1 | KDE games library and common files | Mehr ...
This library provides a common infrastructure for several of the
games in the KDE distribution. Features include standardized menu
items, high score handling, card display, and network connections
including chat capabilities.
lskat | Lieutnant Skat card game for KDE | Mehr ...
Lieutnant skat (from German Offiziersskat) is a card game for two
players. It is roughly played according to the rules of Skat but with
only two players and simplified rules.
Every player has a set of cards in front of him/her, half of them
covered and half of them open. Both players try to win more than 60
of the 120 possible points. After 16 moves all cards are played and
the game ends.


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