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x11proto-core-dev: X11 core wire protocol and auxiliary headers

Distribution Debian stable
Abteilung x11
Quelle x11proto-core
Version 7.0.12-1
Maintainer Debian X Strike Force <>
Beschreibung This package provides development headers describing the wire protocol
for the core X11 protocol, and also provides a number of utility headers,
used to abstract OS-specific functions.
This package deprecates 'x-dev', a package from the monolithic builds of
XFree86 and X.Org.
More information about X.Org can be found at:

This package is built from the xproto proto module.
Pre-dependsx11-common (>= 1:7.0.0)
Ersetztx-dev (< <
Kollidiert mitx-dev (< <
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