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Suchergebnisse für browser-history

browser-history | User daemon that tracks URLs looked at and logs them | Mehr ...
Browser-history came from the will to overcome a Netscape bug: there is no
global history, and if you close a window, its whole history is lost. For
people browsing lots of sites, having the possibility of backtracking to
where one has been before means that you don't have to put everything in
your bookmarks file. If you are not sure if a site may be worth
remembering, don't add it in your bookmarks. If you need it later, just
browse your history files.
It works with: Netscape Navigator, Arena, and Amaya. Support for
`browser-history' can easily be added to other browsers, provided you can
program and have the browser sources.
A manual page and simple documentation will be installed in
/usr/share/doc/browser-history/browser-history.html, along with a simple
CGI interface to grep the history log and display the result. The optional
CGI program requires `cgiwrap' or Apache configured with `suexec'.


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