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apache2-mpm-itk: multiuser MPM for Apache 2.2

Distribution Debian testing
Abteilung httpd
Quelle apache2
Version 2.2.15-5
Maintainer Debian Apache Maintainers <debian-apache@lists.debian.org>
Beschreibung The ITK Multi-Processing Module (MPM) works in about the same way as the
classical "prefork" module (that is, without threads), except that it allows
you to constrain each individual vhost to a particular system user. This
allows you to run several different web sites on a single server without
worrying that they will be able to read each others' files. This is a
third-party MPM that is not included in the normal Apache httpd.
Please note that this MPM is somewhat less tested than the MPMs that come with
Apache itself.
Abhängig vonapache2.2-bin (= 2.2.15-5), apache2.2-common (= 2.2.15-5)
Providesapache2, apache2-mpm, httpd, httpd-cgi
Kollidiert mitapache2-common, apache2-mpm
Offizielle Seiten Paket Entwicklerinformationen Bugs (Binärpaket) Bugs (Quellpaket)
Download amd64


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