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haskell-convertible-doc: Typeclasses and instances for converting between types, documentation

Distribution Debian testing
Abteilung doc
Quelle haskell-convertible
Version 1.0.9-1
Maintainer Debian Haskell Group <>
Beschreibung convertible provides a typeclass with a single function
that is designed to help convert between different types: numeric
values, dates and times, and the like. The conversions perform bounds
checking and return a pure Either value. This means that you need
not remember which specific function performs the conversion you
Also included in the package are optional instances that provide
conversion for various numeric and time types, as well as utilities
for writing your own instances.
Finally, there is a function that will raise an exception on
bounds-checking violation, or return a bare value otherwise,
implemented in terms of the safer function described above.
Convertible is also used by HDBC 2.0 for handling marshalling of
data to/from databases.
Convertible is backed by an extensive test suite and passes tests
on GHC and Hugs.
This package provides documentation on the Convertible API.
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