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perl-base: minimal Perl system

Distribution Debian testing
Abteilung perl
Quelle perl
Version 5.10.1-12
Maintainer Niko Tyni <>
Beschreibung Perl is a scripting language used in many system scripts and utilities.
This package provides a Perl interpreter and the small subset of the
standard run-time library required to perform basic tasks. For a full
Perl installation, install "perl" (and its dependencies, "perl-modules"
and "perl-doc").
Pre-dependsdpkg (>= 1.14.20), libc6 (>= 2.4)
Provideslibscalar-list-utils-perl, libxsloader-perl, perl5-base, perlapi-5.10.0, perlapi-5.10.1
Ersetztlibperl5.8 (< < 5.8.0-20), libscalar-list-utils-perl, libxsloader-perl, perl (< < 5.10.1-12), perl-modules (< < 5.10.1-1)
Kollidiert mitautoconf2.13 (< < 2.13-45), libfile-spec-perl (< < 3.30), libscalar-list-utils-perl (< < 1:1.21), libxsloader-perl (< < 0.10), safe-rm (< < 0.8)
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