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Debianpakete von

Paket Beschreibung Version Maintainer
a2ps-perl-ja perl version of Miguel Santana's a2ps (supports KANJI) 1.45-5 Debian QA Group
cil command line issue tracker 0.5.1-3 Andrew Chilton
cipux-object-tools Commandline object-related tools for CipUX CipUX team
cipux-rpc-tools Commandline helper tools for XML-RPC server CipUX team
cipux-rpcd XML-RPC server for CipUX CipUX team
cipux-storage-tools Commandline storage-related tools for CipUX CipUX team
cipux-task-tools commandline task interface for CipUX CipUX team
cupt alternative front-end for dpkg -- console interface 1.5.11 Eugene V. Lyubimkin
datafreedom-perl convert PIM data between applications in perl 0.2.0-1 Neil Williams
dh-make-perl helper for creating Debian packages from perl modules 0.68-1 Debian Perl Group
ebug-http web front end to a simple, extensible Perl debugger 0.31-2 Peter Makholm
eekboek Bookkeeping software for small and medium-size businesses 2.00.00-1 Debian Perl Group
eekboek-db-postgresql PostgreSQL database driver for EekBoek 2.00.00-1 Debian Perl Group
eekboek-gui Graphical User Interface for EekBoek 2.00.00-1 Debian Perl Group
exactimage-perl transitional dummy package 0.8.0-4 Jakub Wilk
gearman-server Gearman distributed job server and Perl interface 1.11-1 Debian Perl Group
glade-perl Convert Glade-Interface XML into perl code 0.61-1.1 Rémi Perrot
jifty perl web MVC framework 0.91117-1 Debian Perl Group
jirc an IRC to Jabber bridge bot 1.0-1 Kees Cook
kolab-libcyrus-imap-perl Kolab Interface to Cyrus imap client imclient library 2.2.13-9 Debian Kolab Maintainers
lemonldap-ng Lemonldap::NG Web-SSO system Xavier Guimard
libace-perl Object-Oriented Access to ACEDB Databases 1.92-2 Debian Med Packaging Team
libacme-bleach-perl Perl module for really clean programs 1.12-1 Debian Perl Group
libacme-damn-perl Perl module to unbless objects 0.04-1 Debian Perl Group
libacme-poe-knee-perl Time sliced pony race using the POE event loop 1.10-7 Debian Perl Group
libalgorithm-annotate-perl represent a series of changes in annotate form 0.10-1.1 Bastian Blank
libalgorithm-c3-perl Perl module for merging hierarchies using the C3 algorithm 0.08-1 Debian Perl Group
libalgorithm-checkdigits-perl Perl extension to generate and test check digits 0.50-1 Jose Parrella
libalgorithm-dependency-perl Base class for implementing various dependency trees in Perl 1.106-1 Jonas Genannt
libalgorithm-diff-perl a perl library for finding Longest Common Sequences in text 1.19.02-1 Debian Perl Group
libalgorithm-diff-xs-perl module to find differences between files (XS accelerated) 0.04-1 Debian Perl Group
libalgorithm-merge-perl Perl module for three-way merge of textual data 0.08-1 Debian Perl Group
libalgorithm-munkres-perl extension for Munkres' solution to Assignment problem 0.08-2 Debian Perl Group
libalgorithm-numerical-sample-perl Draw samples from a set 2009040301-1 Dominic Hargreaves
libalgorithm-permute-perl module to perform permutations with object oriented interface 0.12-1 Debian Perl Group
libalias-perl Access perl variables through aliases 2.32-8+b1 Debian Perl Group
libaliased-perl Perl module to provide aliases of class names 0.30-1 Debian Perl Group
libalien-wxwidgets-perl Perl module for locating wxWidgets binaries 0.50+dfsg-1 Debian Perl Group
libalzabo-perl Data modelling tool and RDBMS-OO mapper 0.92-2 Debian Perl Group
libany-moose-perl module to use either Moose or Mouse, based on availability 0.12-1 Debian Perl Group
libanydata-perl simple tied hash interface for files and data structures 0.10-9 Debian Perl Group
libanyevent-i3-perl communicate with the i3 window manager 0.04-1 Michael Stapelberg
libanyevent-irc-perl Perl module for handling IRC connections 0.95-1 Debian Perl Group
libanyevent-perl Perl framework to handle multiple event loops 5.260-1 Debian Perl Group
libapache-admin-config-perl a Perl module to read/write Apache like configuration files 0.94-1.1 Raphaël Pinson
libapache-asp-perl perl Apache::ASP - Active Server Pages for Apache with mod_perl 2.59-2.1 Víctor Pérez Pereira
libapache-authcookie-perl Apache/mod_perl Authentication and Authorization via cookies 3.10-1 Stephen Quinney
libapache-authenhook-perl Perl API for Apache 2.1 authentication 2.00-04+pristine-1+b1 Debian Perl Group
libapache-authnetldap-perl LDAP authentication for Apache+mod_perl 0.29-2 Luk Claes
libapache-authznetldap-perl Apache-Perl module that enables to authorize a user with LDAP attributes 0.07-4 Debian Perl Group
a c d e g j k l li libapp libau libb libc libcg libcl libcle libco libcor libd libdat libdb libde libdi libe libex libf libfin libg libgr libh libht libhtt libi libip libl liblo libm libmat libml libmo libmou libn libnew libp libpd libpo libpos libr libs libso libsu libt libtes libtex libtf libtr libw libx libxm libxmm m n o p r s t v w x z Next Last


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