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Suchergebnisse für apt-cross

apt-cross | retrieve, build and install libraries for cross-compiling | Mehr ...
apt-cross is intended to make it easier to locate, download, install and
update your cross-compiling libraries, directly from the Debian archives.
By default, apt-cross uses /etc/apt/sources.list to find the current Debian
package file for the architecture specified (or dpkg-cross default) and in
the suite specified (default is unstable). Alternatively, you can specify
a different mirror. Downloaded files can be passed directly to dpkg-cross
using the -b or -i commands to apt-cross.
Includes a helper script to support the transition to multiarch.
libcache-apt-perl | object oriented apt cache perl binding | Mehr ...
Contains support modules for apt-cross, Cache::Apt::Lookup, Cache::Apt::Config
and Cache::Apt::Package, implementing an object-oriented approach to the apt
perl bindings that are easier to use and better suited to cross-compilation
support than AptPkg itself.
Built from NorthernCross and using code from apt-rdepends.


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