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ceve | utility to parse package dependencies as set of constraints | Mehr ...
Ceve is a command line utility used to parse package metadata
information (in particular package interrelationships such as
dependencies) and convert them to set of constraints that need to
be satisfied by a proper package installation.
Supported input formats for package metadata are:
* .deb packages
* Debian package lists (i.e. as in Packages.gz)
* .rpm packages
* RPM package lists
* EGraph (XML based format, derived from GraphML)
Supported output formats for set of constraints are:
* pretty printed format for human consumption
* EGraph
* Dose base, suitable as input for the Pkglab tool
* Oz (a programming language supporting constraint programming)
* Graphviz
* Tart, suitable as input for the Tart media partitioner


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