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debmake: helper package for debian/rules (deprecated)

Distribution Debian unstable
Abteilung devel
Quelle debmake
Version 3.8.3
Maintainer Santiago Vila <>
Beschreibung This package provides the "debstd" script, which does the following:
- Automates compression of documentation, localizes manpages
compresses and installs them.
- Supports multiple binaries generated from a single source package
- Generates maintainer scripts for you and installs all scripts
for you in the proper locations with the proper permissions.
- Can perform modifications on a variety of important debian config files
through generation of proper maintainer scripts.
- Runs dpkg-shlibdeps on all ELF binaries for you and generates correct
shlibs file for provided libraries automatically.
- Checks symlinks to manpages /documentation and redirects
them if a file was compressed.
This package is not being actively developed anymore, it's deprecated,
and it will disappear in a future Debian release. Please do not use it
to create new packages. If you plan to use a helper package for debian/rules,
consider using debhelper instead.
Abhängig vondebianutils (>= 1.6), dpkg-dev, ed, file, patch, coreutils | fileutils (>= 3.16-4)
Vorgeschlagendebsums, devscripts
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