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gtk2-engines-pixbuf: Pixbuf-based theme for GTK+ 2.x

Distribution Debian unstable
Abteilung graphics
Quelle gtk+2.0
Version 2.20.1-1
Maintainer Sebastien Bacher <>
Beschreibung The GTK+ is a multi-platform toolkit for creating graphical user
interfaces. Offering a complete set of widgets, the GTK+ is suitable
for projects ranging from small one-off tools to complete application
This package contains the pixbuf theme engine.
Abhängig vongtk2.0-binver-2.10.0, libatk1.0-0 (>= 1.29.3), libc6 (>= 2.2.5), libcairo2 (>= 1.6.4-6.1), libfontconfig1 (>= 2.8.0), libfreetype6 (>= 2.2.1), libglib2.0-0 (>= 2.23.6), libgtk2.0-0 (= 2.20.1-1), libgtk2.0-common, libpango1.0-0 (>= 1.20), libx11-6, libxcomposite1 (>= 1:0.3-1), libxdamage1 (>= 1:1.1), libxfixes3 (>= 1:4.0.1)
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