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libgeo-helmerttransform-perl: Transformations between coordinates in different datums

Distribution Debian unstable
Abteilung perl
Quelle libgeo-helmerttransform-perl
Version 1.13-2
Maintainer Dominic Hargreaves <>
Beschreibung It is usual to describe geographical points in terms of their polar coordinates
(latitude, longitude and altitude) referenced to a "datum ellipsoid", which is
used to approximate the Earth's geoid. The latitude, longitude and altitude of
a given physical point vary depending on which datum ellipsoid is in use.
Unfortunately, a number of ellipsoids are in everyday use, and so it is often
necessary to transform geographical coordinates between different datum
Two different datum ellipsoids may differ in the locations of their centers, or
in their shape; and there may be an angle between their equatorial planes or
the meridians relative to which longitude is measured. The Helmert Transform,
which this module implements, is a linear transformation of coordinates between
pairs of datum ellipsoids in the limit of small angles of deviation between
Abhängig vonperl
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