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x11-xserver-utils: X server utilities

Distribution Debian unstable
Abteilung x11
Quelle x11-xserver-utils
Version 7.5+1
Maintainer Debian X Strike Force <>
Beschreibung An X client is a program that interfaces with an X server (almost always via
the X libraries), and thus with some input and output hardware like a
graphics card, monitor, keyboard, and pointing device (such as a mouse).
This package provides a miscellaneous assortment of X Server utilities
that ship with the X Window System, including:
- iceauth, a tool for manipulating ICE protocol authorization records;
- rgb;
- sessreg, a simple program for managing utmp/wtmp entries;
- xcmsdb, a device color characteristic utility for the X Color Management
- xgamma, a tool for querying and setting a monitor's gamma correction;
- xhost, a very dangerous program that you should never use;
- xmodmap, a utility for modifying keymaps and pointer button mappings in X;
- xrandr, a command-line interface to the RandR extension;
- xrdb, a tool to manage the X server resource database;
- xrefresh, a tool that forces a redraw of the X screen;
- xset, a tool for setting miscellaneous X server parameters;
- xsetmode and xsetpointer, tools for handling X Input devices;
- xsetroot, a tool for tailoring the appearance of the root window;
- xstdcmap, a utility to selectively define standard colormap properties;
- xvidtune, a tool for customizing X server modelines for your monitor.
Pre-dependsx11-common (>= 1:7.0.0)
Abhängig voncpp, libc6 (>= 2.7), libice6 (>= 1:1.0.0), libx11-6 (>= 0), libxau6, libxaw7, libxext6, libxi6 (>= 0), libxmu6, libxmuu1, libxrandr2 (>= 2:, libxrender1, libxt6, libxxf86vm1
Vorgeschlagencairo-5c, nickle, xorg-docs-core
Ersetzticeauth, sessreg, xbase-clients (< < 1:7.3), xgamma, xhost, xmodmap, xrandr, xrdb, xrefresh, xrgb, xset, xsetmode, xsetpointer, xsetroot, xstdcmap, xutils (< < 1:7.2), xvidtune
Kollidiert miticeauth, sessreg, xgamma, xhost, xmodmap, xrandr, xrdb, xrefresh, xrgb, xset, xsetmode, xsetpointer, xsetroot, xstdcmap, xvidtune
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