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Suchergebnisse für eekboek

eekboek | Bookkeeping software for small and medium-size businesses | Mehr ...
EekBoek is a bookkeeping package for Dutch users; it creates reports such as
a balance sheet ("Balans"), a general journal ("Journaal"), a general
ledger ("Grootboek") and a VAT report ("BTW-aangifte").
Unlike other accounting software, EekBoek has a command-line interface: The
EekBoek Shell (with tab completion). It uses a database as back end: either
PostgreSQL (using the eekboek-db-postgresql package) or SQLite.
Interoperability is a key feature of EekBoek: editable text dumps of all your
data are possible at any time. EekBoek can generate an "XML Auditfile
Financieel" (XAF) as used by Dutch tax office. Furthermore, it has a
complete Perl API to create your own custom applications.
The EekBoek documentation is available in Dutch only.
If you'd like to use EekBoek with a PostgreSQL back end (instead of the
default SQLite), install the package eekboek-db-postgresql.
If you'd like to use the Eekboek GUI, install the suggested package
eekboek-db-postgresql | PostgreSQL database driver for EekBoek | Mehr ...
This package includes EB::DB::Postgres, the PostgreSQL database driver for
EekBoek. It also makes sure a PostgreSQL database back end is available for
EekBoek. Install it if you'd like to use EekBoek with PostgreSQL
(instead of the default SQLite).
eekboek-gui | Graphical User Interface for EekBoek | Mehr ...
This package includes ebwxshell, the EekBoek GUI. It offers
an EekBoek browser, useful for viewing the administrative data. It's
especially useful for generating, printing and pinpointing reports.
Furthermore, it offers a raw interface to the EekBoek Shell. Finally,
it offers a Wizard to help configuring new bookkeeping administrations.
Install it if you need a friendly interface to the EekBoek reporting
facilities, or if you would like help in configuring EekBoek. However,
if you prefer working in pure text mode, or don't like to install the WX
graphical packages, you should not install this package.


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