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Suchergebnisse für gettext

autopoint | The autopoint program from GNU gettext | Mehr ...
The `autopoint' program copies standard gettext infrastructure files
into a source package. It extracts from a macro call of the form
`AM_GNU_GETTEXT_VERSION(VERSION)', found in the package's
`' or `' file, the gettext version used by the
package, and copies the infrastructure files belonging to this version
into the package.
gettext | GNU Internationalization utilities | Mehr ...
Interesting for authors or maintainers of other packages or programs
which they want to see internationalized.
gettext-base | GNU Internationalization utilities for the base system | Mehr ...
This package includes the gettext and ngettext programs which allow
other packages to internationalize the messages given by shell scripts.
gettext-doc | Documentation for GNU gettext | Mehr ...
This package contains the HTML documentation for GNU gettext, as well as
simple "hello world" examples in several programming languages.
gettext-el | Emacs po-mode for editing gettext .po files | Mehr ...
This package contains po-mode.el for easy .po editing using emacs.


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