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Link Quica QUICA Mail Administration System
Projekt epricom Informationssystem für die Europäische Union
Projekt iro American Corners Support Program
Projekt rpoiso9000 ISO 9000 Database
Projekt rpotraining Foreign Service National Training Database
Debianpaket acidlab-pgsql Analysis Console for Intrusion Databases for Postgres
Debianpaket aolserver4-nspostgres AOLserver 4 module: Postgres connector
Debianpaket apgdiff Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool
Debianpaket bacula-common-pgsql network backup, recovery and verification - PostgreSQL common files
Debianpaket bacula-director-pgsql network backup, recovery and verification - PostgreSQL storage for Director
Debianpaket bacula-sd-pgsql network backup, recovery and verification - PostgreSQL SD tools
Debianpaket bandwidthd-pgsql Tracks usage of TCP/IP and builds html files with graphs
Debianpaket beancounter A stock portfolio performance monitoring tool
Debianpaket cedar-backup2 local and remote backups to CD or DVD media
Debianpaket cedar-backup2-doc local and remote backups to CD or DVD media (documentation)
Debianpaket cl-pg Common Lisp library that provides a socket level postgresql interface
Debianpaket cl-sql-postgresql CLSQL database backend, PostgreSQL via library
Debianpaket cl-sql-postgresql-socket CLSQL database backend, PostgreSQL via sockets
Debianpaket cl-sql-tests Testing suite for CLSQL
Debianpaket collectd statistics collection and monitoring daemon
Debianpaket collectd-core statistics collection and monitoring daemon (core system)
Debianpaket courier-authlib-postgresql PostgreSQL support for the Courier authentication library
Debianpaket courier-webadmin Courier mail server - web-based administration frontend
Debianpaket cvm-pgsql Credential Validation Modules (PostgreSQL)
Debianpaket dak Debian's archive maintenance scripts
Debianpaket dbconfig-common common framework for packaging database applications
Debianpaket dbengine A plug 'n play Web interface for mySQL and PostgreSQL
Debianpaket dbi-link A partial implementation of SQL/MED to PostgreSQL
Debianpaket dbishell Interactive SQL shell with readline support
Debianpaket dbmail base package for the dbmail email solution
Debianpaket dbmail-pgsql PostgreSQL module for Dbmail
Debianpaket dspam-webfrontend DSPAM is a scalable and statistical anti-spam filter
Debianpaket dsyslog-module-postgresql advanced modular syslog daemon - PostgreSQL support
Debianpaket eekboek Bookkeeping software for small and medium-size businesses
Debianpaket eekboek-db-postgresql PostgreSQL database driver for EekBoek
Debianpaket exim4-daemon-heavy Exim MTA (v4) daemon with extended features, including exiscan-acl
Debianpaket facturalux ERP/CRM software for GNU/Linux
Debianpaket facturalux-dev Development files for facturalux
Debianpaket ferret CASE tool for data model editing
Debianpaket fibusql Web based double-entry accounting
Debianpaket fp-units-db Free Pascal - database libraries units
Debianpaket freeradius-postgresql PostgreSQL module for FreeRADIUS server
Debianpaket fsgateway FUSE module to browse database's metadata, sugar datastores and xml files
Debianpaket gambas-doc Free VB-like language
Debianpaket gambas2 Complete visual development environment for Gambas
Debianpaket gambas2-dev Gambas compilation tools
Debianpaket gambas2-doc Gambas documentation
Debianpaket gambas2-gb-chart The Gambas charting component
Debianpaket gambas2-gb-compress The Gambas compression component
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 Marktplatz für elektronische Bauelemente
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 Systemadministration für Internetagentur
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 Marktplatz für Musikinstrumente und Zubehör
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 Reengineering e-procurement System
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 Foreign Service National Training Database
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