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Link Exim Cheatsheet
Projekt cnshosting Systemadministration für Internetagentur
Debianpaket alpine Text-based email client, friendly for novices but powerful
Debianpaket alpine-dbg Text-based email client's debugging symbols
Debianpaket amavisd-new Interface between MTA and virus scanner/content filters
Debianpaket amavisd-new-milter Interface between sendmail-milter and amavisd-new
Debianpaket anubis an SMTP message submission daemon
Debianpaket balsa An e-mail client for GNOME
Debianpaket balsa-dbg An e-mail client for GNOME
Debianpaket chaosreader trace network sessions and export it to html format
Debianpaket citadel-server complete and feature-rich groupware server
Debianpaket citadel-suite complete and feature-rich groupware server; metapackage for full installation
Debianpaket cl-postoffice SMTP, POP, & IMAP interface library for Common Lisp Programs
Debianpaket cl-trivial-sockets a Common Lisp socket interface
Debianpaket clamsmtp virus-scanning SMTP proxy
Debianpaket courier-mta Courier mail server - ESMTP daemon
Debianpaket crywrap Simple TCP service encryption using TLS/SSL
Debianpaket cyrus-admin-2.2 Cyrus mail system - administration tools
Debianpaket cyrus-clients-2.2 Cyrus mail system (test clients)
Debianpaket cyrus-clients-2.3 Cyrus mail system (test clients)
Debianpaket cyrus-common-2.2 Cyrus mail system - common files
Debianpaket cyrus-common-2.3 Cyrus mail system (common files)
Debianpaket cyrus-doc-2.2 Cyrus mail system - documentation files
Debianpaket cyrus-imapd-2.2 Cyrus mail system - IMAP support
Debianpaket cyrus-pop3d-2.2 Cyrus mail system - POP3 support
Debianpaket cyrus21-clients Cyrus mail system (test clients)
Debianpaket cyrus21-common Cyrus mail system (common files)
Debianpaket dcc-client Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse - client programs
Debianpaket dcc-common Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse - common files
Debianpaket dcc-milter Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse - sendmail milter plugin
Debianpaket dcc-server Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse - main programs
Debianpaket devscripts scripts to make the life of a Debian Package maintainer easier
Debianpaket dkfilter implements domainKeys message signing and verification
Debianpaket dkimproxy an SMTP-proxy that signs and/or verifies emails, using the Mail::DKIM module
Debianpaket dma lightweight mail transport agent
Debianpaket dnet-progs DECnet user programs and daemons
Debianpaket drac Dynamic Relay Authorization Control (pop-before-smtp)
Debianpaket drac-dev Dynamic Relay Authorization Control (development files)
Debianpaket elmo text-based mail-reader supporting SMTP and POP3
Debianpaket esmtp user configurable relay-only MTA
Debianpaket esmtp-run user configurable relay-only MTA - the regular MTA
Debianpaket exim4-daemon-heavy Exim MTA (v4) daemon with extended features, including exiscan-acl
Debianpaket fetchexc Fetches email from Microsoft Exchange servers
Debianpaket gambas2-gb-net-smtp Gambas component to use smtp protocol
Debianpaket gnunet secure, trust-based peer-to-peer framework (meta)
Debianpaket gnunet-client secure, trust-based peer-to-peer framework (client)
Debianpaket gnunet-common secure, trust-based peer-to-peer framework (common)
Debianpaket gnunet-daemon secure, trust-based peer-to-peer framework (daemon)
Debianpaket gnunet-dbg secure, trust-based peer-to-peer framework (debug)
Debianpaket gnunet-dev secure, trust-based peer-to-peer framework (development)
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