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apt-proxy: Debian archive proxy and partial mirror builder

Distribution archive sarge-backports
Abteilung admin
Quelle apt-proxy
Version 1.9.35-0.1~bpo.1
Maintainer Chris Halls <>
Beschreibung apt-proxy automatically builds a Debian HTTP mirror based
on requests which pass through the proxy. It's great for
multiple Debian machines on the same network with a slower
internet link.
The archive is automatically kept up to date using http,
ftp or rsync. Cache cleaning of unused and old versions
is configurable. You can also import the contents of
your apt cache into the archive using apt-proxy-import.
For more information, see the apt-proxy homepage at
The suggested packages are needed for the following
features: rsync for rsyncd backends, and
dpkg-dev for apt-proxy-import.
Abhängig vonadduser, bzip2, logrotate, python (>= 2.3), python (< < 2.4), python-apt (>= 0.5.8), python-twisted (>= 1.0.0), debconf (>= 0.5.00) | debconf-2.0
Ersetztapt-proxy-v2 (< = 1.9.5)
Kollidiert mitapt-proxy-v2 (< = 1.9.5)
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