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cl-closer-mop: Cross Implementation AMOP library

Distribution archive sarge-backports
Abteilung libs
Quelle cl-closer-mop
Version 0.31-1bpo1
Maintainer Peter Van Eynde <>
Beschreibung This library enhances the different MOP implementations so that
they support better the AMOP specifications.
The CLOS spec contained two parts, only the basic level went into
the Common Lisp standard. The lower level functions of the AMOP
were not included so different implementations differ (mostly
slightly) in how to implement the AMOP.
With the help of cl-closer-mop you can use the full power of
AMOP on all supported implementations, relying on the library
to translate your code.
Supported implementations: Allegro Common Lisp, Clisp, cmucl,
LispWorks, OpenMCL and SBCL (version restrictions might apply)
Abhängig voncl-lw-compat, common-lisp-controller (>= 5.11)
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