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collectd: statistics collection daemon

Distribution Backports.org archive sarge-backports
Abteilung utils
Quelle collectd
Version 3.10.1-4~bpo.1
Maintainer Sebastian Harl <sh@tokkee.org>
Beschreibung collectd is a small daemon written in C for performance. It reads various
system statistics and updates RRD files, creating them if necessary. Since
the daemon doesn't need to startup every time it wants to update the files
it's very fast and easy on the system. Also, the statistics are very fine
grained since the files are updated every 10 seconds.
This package contains the main program file and the following plugins:
* APC UPS's charge, load, input/output/battery voltage, etc.: apcups
* Apple computer's sensors information: apple_sensors (server mode only)
* battery status: battery
* CPU utilization: cpu
* CPU frequency: cpufreq
* disk space usage: df
* disk and partition throughput: disk
* system load averages: load
* memory usage: memory
* NFS utilization: nfs
* NTP daemon's local clock drift, offset to peers, etc.: ntpd
* number of processes: processes
* serial port traffic: serial
* swap usage: swap
* tape drive usage: tape (server mode only)
* network traffic: traffic
* number of users logged into the system: users
* system ressources used by Linux-VServers: vserver
* wireless network stats: wireless
Abhängig vonlibc6 (>= 2.3.2.ds1-21), librrd2
Vorgeschlagencollectd-apache, collectd-dev, collectd-hddtemp, collectd-mysql, collectd-ping, collectd-sensors, librrds-perl
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