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ecl: Embeddable Common-Lisp: has an interpreter and can compile to C

Distribution archive sarge-backports
Abteilung devel
Quelle ecl
Version 0.9i-0bpo1
Maintainer Peter Van Eynde <>
Beschreibung ECL stands for Embeddable Common-Lisp. The ECL project is an
effort to modernize Giuseppe Attardi's ECL environment to
produce an implementation of the Common-Lisp language
which complies to the ANSI X3J13 definition of the language.
The current ECL implementation features:
* A bytecodes compiler and interpreter.
* A translator to C.
* A UFFI-compatible interface to C code.
* A dynamic loader.
* The possibility to build standalone executables and DLLs.
* The Common-Lisp Object System (CLOS).
* Conditions and restarts for handling errors.
* Sockets as ordinary streams.
* The Gnu Multiprecision library for fast bignum operations.
* A simple conservative mark & sweep garbage collector.
* The Boehm-Weiser garbage collector.
Abhängig voncommon-lisp-controller (>= 5.11), gcc, libc6 (>= 2.3.2.ds1-21), libgc-dev, libgcc1 (>= 1:3.4.1-3), libgmp3, libgmp3-dev, libncurses5-dev
Vorgeschlagenecl-doc, slime
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