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podlators-perl: Convert POD data to various other formats

Distribution Debian testing
Abteilung perl
Quelle podlators-perl
Version 2.2.2-1
Maintainer Debian Perl Group <>
Beschreibung This package contains Pod::Man and Pod::Text modules which convert POD
input to *roff source output, suitable for man pages, or plain text,
along with the pod2man and pod2text driver scripts. It also includes
several subclasses of Pod::Text for formatted output to terminals with
various capabilities.
Note that the Perl core distribution (supplied in the perl package)
already includes older versions of these modules and scripts. Please
depend on this package only if you specifically need the newer
features, for instance the improved UTF-8 support.
Abhängig vonperl (>= 5.6.0-16), libpod-simple-perl (>= 3.04) | perl-modules (>= 5.10.0)
Recommendslibpod-simple-perl (>= 3.07)
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