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ttf-lyx: TrueType versions of some TeX fonts

Distribution Debian testing
Abteilung fonts
Quelle lyx
Version 1.6.5-1
Maintainer Debian LyX Maintainers <>
Beschreibung These fonts are needed for the visual math symbol display in
LyX. They can also be used to display MathML in Gecko-based browsers
like Iceweasel.
The following fonts are included in this package:
* cmex10 - Computer Modern math extension
* cmmi10 - Computer Modern math italic
* cmr10 - Computer Modern Roman
* cmsy10 - Computer Modern math symbols
* esint10 - Alternate integrals
* eufm10 - Euler Fraktur (medium-weight)
* msam10 - Extra math symbols, first series
* msbm10 - Extra math symbols, second series, including Blackboard Bold
* wasy10 - Waldi symbol fonts
Abhängig vondefoma
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