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Debianpakete von

Paket Beschreibung Version Maintainer
libapt-pkg-perl Perl interface to libapt-pkg 0.1.21~bpo40+1 Brendan O'Dea
libcgi-formbuilder-perl Easily generate and process stateful CGI forms 3.05.01-1~bpo.1 Jonas Smedegaard
libcrypt-openssl-rsa-perl Perl module providing basic RSA functionality 0.25-1~bpo40+1 Debian Perl Group
libdevice-modem-perl Perl class to interface generic modems (AT-compliant) 1.47-2~bpo40+1 Dirk Proesdorf
libencode-perl provides interfaces between Perl's strings and the system 2.24-1~bpo40+1 Debian Perl Group
libfile-rsyncp-perl A perl based implementation of an Rsync client 0.68-1.1~bpo40+1 Ludovic Drolez
libfile-sharedir-perl Locate per-dist and per-module shared files 0.05-1.2~bpo40+1 Christian Sánchez
libfinance-quote-perl Perl module for retrieving stock quotes from a variety of sources 1.13-1~bpo.1 Bart Martens
libgdal-perl Perl bindings to the Geospatial Data Abstraction Library 1.5.2-3~bpo40+1 Debian GIS Project
libgeo-ip-perl Perl bindings for GeoIP library 1.30-2~bpo40+1 Nikita V. Youshchenko
libgv-perl Perl bindings for graphviz 2.20.2-3~bpo40+1 Cyril Brulebois
liblwpx-paranoidagent-perl a "paranoid" subclass of LWP::UserAgent 1.03-1~bpo40+1 Hilko Bengen
libmail-dkim-perl cryptographically identify the sender of email - perl library 0.32-1~bpo40+1 Magnus Holmgren
libmail-spf-perl Perl implementation of Sender Policy Framework and Sender ID 2.005-1~bpo40+2 Julian Mehnle
libmodule-build-perl Subclassable and make-independent perl module builder alternative 0.2808.01-2~bpo40+1 Debian Perl Group
libnet-dns-async-perl Asynchronous DNS helper for high volume perl applications 1.06-1~bpo40+1 Debian Perl Group
libnet-dns-resolver-programmable-perl programmable DNS resolver class for offline emulation of DNS 0.003-1~bpo40+1 Julian Mehnle
libnetaddr-ip-perl Manipulate IP Addresses easily 4.007+dfsg-2~bpo40+2 Debian Perl Group
libpar-dist-perl perl module to create and manipulate PAR distributions 0.31-1~bpo40+1 Debian Perl Group
libparse-debcontrol-perl Easy OO parsing of Debian control-like files 2.005-2~bpo40+1 Debian Perl Group
libpda-pilot-perl Perl module to communicate with a PalmOS PDA 0.12.2-9~bpo.1 Ludovic Rousseau
libproc-process-perl Dummy package for libproc-processtable-perl rename 0.41-4~bpo.1 Debian Perl Group
libproc-processtable-perl Perl library for accessing process table information 0.41-4~bpo.1 Debian Perl Group
libsearch-xapian-perl Perl bindings for the Xapian search library Debian Perl Group
libsvn-perl Perl bindings for Subversion 1.5.1dfsg1-1~bpo40+1 Peter Samuelson
libtemplate-perl template processing system written in perl 2.19-1~bpo40+1 Benjamin Mako Hill
perlmagick Perl interface to the libMagick graphics routines 7: Luciano Bello


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