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doodle: Desktop Search Engine (client)

Distribution archive sarge-backports
Abteilung utils
Quelle doodle
Version 0.6.5-5~bpo.1
Maintainer Daniel Baumann <>
Beschreibung It searches your hard drive for files using pattern matching on meta-data. It
extracts file-format specific meta-data using libextractor and builds a suffix
tree to index the files. The index can then be searched rapidly. It is similar
to locate, but can take advantage of information such as ID3 tags. It is
possible to do full-text indexing using the appropriate libextractor plugins.
It also supports using FAM to keep the database up-to-date.
You can use doodled (separate package) to keep the doodle database
automagically updated.
Abhängig vonadduser, libc6 (>= 2.3.2.ds1-21), libdoodle1 (>= 0.6.2-1), libextractor1 (>= 0.5.14-2)
Kollidiert mitdoodle (< < 0.6.2-1)
Download amd64


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