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Debianpakete von

Paket Beschreibung Version Maintainer
anthy-el input method for Japanese - elisp frontend 9100h-3 NOKUBI Takatsugu
aplus-fsf-el XEmacs lisp for A+ development 4.22.1-4 Neil Roeth
chicken-bin A practical and portable Scheme system - compiler 4.4.6-1 Davide Puricelli (evo)
cl-acl-compat Compatibility layer for Allegro Common Lisp 1.2.42+cvs.2010.02.08-dfsg-1 Debian Common Lisp Team
cl-alexandria A collection of portable Common Lisp utilities 0.0.20100217-1 Debian Common Lisp Team
cl-asdf Another System Definition Facility 2:1.502-1 Debian Common Lisp Team
cl-aserve Portable Aserve 1.2.42+cvs.2010.02.08-dfsg-1 Debian Common Lisp Team
cl-babel A charset encoding/decoding library, not unlike GNU libiconv 0.3.0+20091229-1 Debian Common Lisp Team
cl-base64 Common Lisp package to encode and decode base64 with URI support 3.3.3-2 Kevin M. Rosenberg
cl-brlapi Common Lisp bindings for BrlAPI 4.1-5 Debian Accessibility Team
cl-cclan Comprehensive Common Lisp Archive Network 2:1.502-1 Debian Common Lisp Team
cl-cffi The Common Foreign Function Interface for Common Lisp 20100219-2 Debian Common Lisp Team
cl-chunga Portable chunked streams for Common Lisp 1.0.0-1 Debian Common Lisp Team
cl-closer-mop Cross Implementation AMOP library 2:0.6-1 Debian Common Lisp Team
cl-cluck Common Lisp Microcontroller Clock Calculator 0.1.3-2 Kevin M. Rosenberg
cl-clx-sbcl An X11 Common Lisp client library for SBCL 0.7.4-2 Milan Zamazal
cl-contextl context orientation for Common Lisp 1:0.6-1 Debian Common Lisp Team
cl-fftw3 Common Lisp package for using the FFTW3 library 1.0-1 Kevin M. Rosenberg
cl-flexi-streams Flexi-streams: Flexible bivalent streams for Common Lisp 1.0.7-2 Debian Common Lisp Team
cl-flexichain An efficient gap buffer with a well-defined external protocol 1.5.1.dfsg.1-2 Milan Zamazal
cl-getopt Common Lisp utility for command-line processing 1.2.0-3 Kevin M. Rosenberg
cl-htmlgen HTML generation library for Common Lisp programs 1.2.42+cvs.2010.02.08-dfsg-1 Debian Common Lisp Team
cl-hunchentoot transitional dummy package 1.0.0+dfsg-1 Debian Common Lisp Team
cl-hyperobject Common Lisp library for hyperobjects 2.11.0-3 Kevin M. Rosenberg
cl-interpol String Interpolation Library for Common Lisp 0.2.1-1 Debian Common Lisp Team
cl-irc Common Lisp Internet Relay Chat Library 1:0.8.1-dfsg-3.1 Debian Common Lisp Team
cl-irc-logger Internet Relay Channel Logger 0.9.4-3 Kevin M. Rosenberg
cl-kmrcl General Utilities for Common Lisp Programs 1.102-1 Kevin M. Rosenberg
cl-launch uniform frontend to running Common Lisp code from the shell 2.32-1 Francois-Rene Rideau
cl-lml Lisp Markup Language 2.5.7-4 Kevin M. Rosenberg
cl-lml2 Lisp Markup Language 1.6.6-4 Kevin M. Rosenberg
cl-lw-compat LispWorks Compatibility Library 0.23-1 Debian Common Lisp Team
cl-mcclim Common Lisp graphic user interface toolkit 0.9.6.dfsg.cvs20100315-1 Milan Zamazal
cl-mcclim-examples Common Lisp graphic user interface toolkit 0.9.6.dfsg.cvs20100315-1 Milan Zamazal
cl-md5 Common Lisp package for MD5 Message Digests 1:1.8.5-1 Debian Common Lisp Team
cl-modlisp Common Lisp interface to the Apache mod-lisp module 0.6-7 Kevin M. Rosenberg
cl-pg Common Lisp library that provides a socket level postgresql interface 1:20061216-5 Debian Common Lisp Team
cl-photo photographic calculator in Common Lisp 0.14-4 Kevin M. Rosenberg
cl-pipes Common Lisp library for pipes or streams 1.2.1-5 Kevin M. Rosenberg
cl-ppcre Portable Regular Express Library for Common Lisp 2.0.1-2 Debian Common Lisp Team
cl-ptester Test suite for Common Lisp programs 2.1.2-6 Debian Common Lisp Team
cl-pubmed Common Lisp package to query Pubmed medical literature database 2.1.3-5 Kevin M. Rosenberg
cl-puri Common Lisp Portable URI Library 1.5.4-1 Kevin M. Rosenberg
cl-readline Common Lisp interface to the GNU readline library 0.2.0a-2 Kevin M. Rosenberg
cl-reversi Reversi game for Common Lisp 1.0.14-4 Kevin M. Rosenberg
cl-rlc Common Lisp RLC Circuit Simulator 0.1.3-3 Kevin M. Rosenberg
cl-rss Common Lisp RSS processor 0.1.1-6 Kevin M. Rosenberg
cl-rt Common Lisp regression tester from MIT 20040621-4 Debian Common Lisp Team
cl-series A Common Lisp extension for general iterations 1:2.2.10-1 Debian Common Lisp Team
cl-spatial-trees Spatial trees Common Lisp library 0.2-3 Milan Zamazal
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